Thursday, 19 August 2010

Lily Loves.... Scrabble Tiles!

Quite a while ago I won some pre-drilled Scrabble tiles on ebay off a seller who was selling off some of her stash. It was just a mix of different lettered tiles so I cant use them to spell anything as no all the letters were there but they were a bargain price compared to brand new full sets! Infact theres a little story to go with this.... I just happened to be on a night out saying bye to a friend who was off to do camp america when the item ended. Que me 'slightly' drunk on my iPhone bidding on the item hahaha My best friend Jo was by my side ensuring I didnt bid an extortinate amount (which could very well happy after a few bevvys hehe) but luckily no one bid against my first bid so I got them at a reasonable price, and me and Jo even had a high five to celebrate hahaha

Anyway, I finally got round to using some of the tiles to create a bagcharm. They are so quirky that I didnt want to mix them with any beads, rather just leave them as the total focal point! I am quite pleased with how it turned out and I think it
looks great on the bag!

I have now added this to my facebook Lily Loves fanpage shop.

Love Lily
x x x


  1. This looks brill :D
    lol to you bidding when drunk!! :D xx

  2. Very effective, they look great on a bag charm.