Tuesday, 3 August 2010

New bookmark makes :D

Its been a long time since I have made anything new so tonight I decided to have a play making some jewellery when watching Big Brother. I had 2 bookmarks left so I decided to use these and made the following 2 bookmarks.

The Hello Kitty charm is one of the new charm purchases I have made. I have lots of lovely beads and charms now which I havent used yet so I need to stop myself from buying more till I have used some of my newer purchases! I reckon bought a bead which I literally fell in love with because I thought it was hilarious. Im hoping to make it into a bagcharm so all will be revealed soon I hope!

Love Lily
x x x


  1. ooohh these are soo gorgeous :D I love the Hello Kitty charm :D xXx

  2. Thank you :D. I am abit smitten with the Hello Kitty charm I must admit!

  3. Lovely bookmarks, very pretty x

  4. I love love love that purple frock charm!
    Kandi x