Monday, 24 May 2010

One success and one failure!


I hope everyone enjoyed the sun over the weekend. I had a lovely time at the caravan and am pleased to say that my partners Nanna loved her bracelet and put it on straight away. She said it was perfect for her as she struggles with clasps, but bangles without clasps dont fit over her wrist easily, so the fact the bracelet wrapped around her wrist was perfect for her. This is something I hadnt even considered but it is worth remembering when making gifts for people, as alot of the older generation (and the much younger generation!) would struggle with fiddly clasps.

I had a couple of spare hours last night so whilst watching Britains Got Talent I thought I would get my jewellery making kit out. I had two coils of memory wire left from my first purchase with my eBay points so thought I would use these up.

At first I was using the selection of pink/purple/white beads I have, however after stringing a few onto the coil I wasnt pleased with how it was looking so scrapped this idea and started again! My previous two bracelets have been random so I thought I would try doing a pattern for a change. I stuck with the purple and white beads with tibetan silver spacers and purple seed beads. I really like how the bracelet turned out and I finished it off with a charm off a bracelet I had broken up to use for beads.

When I bought beads at the car boot last bank holiday I splashed out a whole £1 on a brand new necklace (traders stall) as it was made from some lovely light blue beads. I thought I would use these on the final bracelet, mixed with some white beads, again in a set pattern.

Once I finished the bracelet and put it on to see what it looked like I realised that the beads were far too heavy for the wire and it was beginning to dangle away from the wrist so I am going to have to undo this bracelet and start again. I also realised that I was that happy with the pattern anyway. I still love the beads but think they need to be more of a feature in the bracelet, so I am going to buy some smaller white/matching blue beads and some seed beads too and remake the bracelet. I might even save a few beads to make some matching earrings!.... Although that might be me getting carried away!

Lily Loves...


  1. Gorgeous makes :) I love the purple one, it is my fav colour :D x

  2. Beautiful makes and love the larger pictures as they do your jewellery justice more than the smaller pics