Sunday, 27 June 2010

Time to catch up!

I have been a little MIA on my blog over the last few weeks, not that I wasnt thinking of you all mind! My life has been quite busy over the last few weeks, but its not time to get the work-funtime balance back!

So be prepared for some serious catch up blogging to take place!

Having waited till I had some pennies in the bank I was then able to be 'let loose' in the bead buying world and below are some pictures of my very many purchases I have made over the last few weeks!

This first picture is my purchase from I was really impressed with their service and the products. Plus not only did they include a guide on how to make a necklace but they also included some free beads. The blue mix beads in the middle at the bottom at used in one of my proudest makes later.

Most of the item in this picture were from an ebay seller named Sanctuary Beads, who has fast become one of my favourite sellers on ebay. They have very fair prices and p+p is always 99p no matter how much you buy, and the service is very fast too!

I have gotten into a habit of finding someone whom is selling lots of different jewellery items, it seems to be either businesses closing or people who are selling off their old craft items. Most of the item in this picture come from a seller who was doing this, I always seem to get a little carried away and just buy various mismatched items! I absolutely love the little charms in the bottom right of the picture and intend to use them on bag charms and christmas decorations (maybe thats thinking a little too far ahead!).

I just love coming home to lots of parcels and being able to inspect all your new purchases, it makes the post coming much more exciting (usually its just bills hahaha)

Lily Loves...
x x x

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