Sunday, 27 June 2010

Lily Loves.... MSE Jewellery Challenge No.1

I am a member of the Martin money Saving Expert website and regularly post on the jewellery making thread (infact those ladies inspired me to get started!). On the 10th June we decided it would be a great idea for challenges to be set each week for those ont he thread to participate (if they wanted to!). It would not only encourage us to make some pieces each week but also broaden our creative imagination as we not only aim to fulfil the challenge but also see how other people interpret it.

For the first week the challenge was to make a memory wire bracelet with the theme of 'love' set by Nic2075. I felt this was a great first challenge as it was simple and can be interpreted a number of different way. Some simply stunning memory wire bracelets were produced by the ladies on the thread and my contribution to the challenge is shown below.

The bracelet was also a gift for my best friends Mum whose birthday it was that weekend. Unfortunatly my camera decided to not play games when I made this (I have now figured out that the settings had accidently changed!) so I was unable to get a good enough picture of the bracelet before I gave it to my friends Mum. The picture I have used is one taken on my mobile phone, which is why it isnt as clear as it could be. The mobile phone charm you can see in the picture was the other half of the birthday gift and was made at the request of my best friend as her Mum had a beaded phone charm but it snapped a few days before.

I really enjoyed the challenge as it really does encourage you to get your thinking cap on and motivate you to get the beads out!

Lily Loves...
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  1. Gorgeous :) I love purple...I love your heart beads & I love the charm on the mobile phone charm :) x