Monday, 28 June 2010

New makes for the Lily Loves...fanpage

Good evening,

As Lily Loves... now has a fanpage I decided to make some items specifically to place on the fanpage. I have made use of the necklace I bought from the summer fayre to create two memory wire bracelets in shades of brown. I think brown bracelets are very versitile and are also great for people who dont tend to wear colourful items.

I have added both the above bracelets to the Lily Loves...Fanpage for £5 each. If you would like to have a look at the Lily Loves...Fanpage (and maybe even 'like' it) then please follow the link on the previous Lily Loves....Facebook post.

I was also inspired by one of the necklaces and used the beads mixed with some brown pearl beads I had in my stash to create the below memory wire bracelet.

I loved the bead combination and for the first time I experimented with adding a charm to the memory wire coil midway through (before I have only added a charm at the end of the wire). The charms really compliment the bracelet I felt, although I do think a 3rd charm added would create a better balance. However when I had finished the bracelet I realised that the beads were too heavy for a memory wire bracelet and the wire was slipped slightly when the bracelet was worn. So I have decided to undo the bracelet, but as I love the combination so much I am going to use tigertail to create a bracelet insead. I haven't used tigertail to make a bracelet before and I think its about time I gave it a go, and now I know what my first bracelet will look like too! Now I just need to find the time (hopefully wednesday)!

Love Lily
x x x

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