Sunday, 27 June 2010

Lily Loves....MSE Jewellery Challenge Week 2

Week 2 of the challenge over at MSEs jewellery thread was set by yukkibear and was

"Think of someone who deserves a present and make them something they'll love. You don't have to actually give it to them, but it has to have a meaning" Tell us who it's for and why.

For me the idea for this weeks challenge literally popped into my head straight away! I have a wonderful best friend whom is extremely loyal, thoughtful and brutally honest! She loves to sew and has recently started getting her sewing mojo back, and she also loves to read and has farrrrrrr too many books! When I made some online purchases a few weeks ago I had also purchased some mini bookmarks, which I had yet to try out, and I had also bought some sewing machine charms with my best friend in mind. I decided to combine these two purchases to make my entry into the challenge, which you can see below

My friend has a tendency to MSE stalk me (hahaha) so I knew I had to tell her about the item before she came across it so I text her and directed her to the thread. She text me straight away telling me how much she loved the bookmark and when I took it round to her she was just as happy when seeing it in the flesh, which is good! She has also asked if I can make a charm bracelet with the sewing machine charms too! I have 4 left but I do think they are lovely and such a novelty, so I have had a search on ebay and think I will have to buy some more to put into my stash.

Lily Loves...
x x x

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  1. I love the sewing machine charm, I'm going to have to get some :D Gorgeous book mark, I bought some a couple of weeks ago & not had chance to play yet...I will though! lol x