Sunday, 27 June 2010

A special make for a special Great Auntie!

On the 15th June my Great Auntie turned 80 years old, although she doesnt look a day over 60 trust me! As it was such a special birthday I really wanted to make her something she could keep and wear. I had bought some gorgeous blue mix beads from Jillybeads (the ones I mentioned in the earlier post) and thought these were perfect. My Great Auntie is a very elegant lady and I felt these beads fit that description perfectly also!

I started off by making a memory wire bracelet and then a matching set of earrings. When admiring my make I thought how it would be lovely to have a necklace to complete the set. I hadnt made a necklace before and hadnt intending to experiment with making necklaces for quite a while yet, but well, she is only turning 80 once! I made the necklace by threading some beads onto some tigertail with a crimp at either end then attaching this to some chain using a jump ring. This is probably not the most common way of making necklaces but as I didnt want to research too deeply into the methods yet I felt it was good enough.

My Great Auntie loved the jwellery (she didnt even realise I had made it at first!) and it was a lovely evening with all the family gathered at her house laughing, arguing and eating lots of cake! Infact this is the picture of the cake I made especially for the occasion....

Lily Loves...
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  1. Gorgeous collection of jewellery, I bet she loved it x What a fab cake too :D x