Monday, 28 June 2010

Lily Loves.... Summer Fayres!

Well its been another hot weekend, I hope everyone made the most of it and no-one was too dissappointed about the football!

On Saturday I went to a local church fayre. I dont usually go but this year I really want to make sure I did, I love things like this, and it was well worth the effort! We didnt stay too long as it was extremely busy and there were far too many stalls crammed into the small room (unfortuantly they didnt take advantage of the lovely weather and set up outside!), plus I had my other half with me who wasnt as enthusiatic as me (despite it being his church!). Most of the stalls were games or selling food items then I came across a jewellery stall! As you can imagine my beady eyes (no pun intended!) were scanning the stall for any items that had beads on which I could recycle to use in my jewellery makes. There was around 40 bead necklaces hung on necklace holders and they only wanted 20p per necklace, bargain! I bought 10 in total (quite a few were lovely but the beads werent reusable) and I think for a total of £2 I got a huge bargain!

I have cut most of these necklace up now and added them to my stash, although I am running out of space to store the beads! I need to go buy some more storage this week I think!

Lily Loves...
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  1. Looks like you did really well! I am also in need of jewellery storage, my beads are currently in sandwich bags inside tupperware boxes ~ very sophisticated!
    Kandi x

  2. lol, got to love a good summer fayre! I would love to start jewellery making but find it hard to keep control of paper craft bits.

  3. Kandi: If you have a Quality Save near you have a look in there for storage. I got a plastic storage box with lots of different sized compartments in (18 I think, Im not at home to check) and it was only £1.50. It was so useful I went back to get another.... and guess where I will be going again this week! They had three different sizes, I got the medium one, and it even says they are for use with jewellery findings and beads on the label as well as lots of other things.

    Sherie: Its funny you should say that as I feel the same about paper crafts! I would love to get into making cards but I would be a complete beginner and as Ive not long since started making jewellery I think it would be too much for my little brain to cope with! hehe