Sunday, 27 June 2010

Lily Loves...Bagcharms.

When I have been browsing bead suppliers I have noticed that you can buy bag charm clasps, so when making a purchase from Jillysbeads I added one to the basket so I could have an experiment. Making the bag charm took alot longer than I expected but it was great practise for using headpins and I loved the end result. I am a real girly girl so it was inevitable that the first bagcharm I made would be pink and girly too!

Although I was happy with the end result my only criticism was the clasp that I used. Due to the way it operates it can not be fitted to an area that is over a certain diameter. So I wont be ordering anymore of these exact clasps but I will be putting in an order for alot more bag charm clasps as I do think they are a stunning accessory.

Infact my Auntie liked the bagcharm so much she purchased it right away after seeing the picture on facebook and has told me that lots of people were commenting on it on her holiday in Greece last week!

Lily Loves...
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  1. Great 1st bag charm, my fav colour (as well as purple) is pink :) I too was surprised about how long one can take to make! lol x