Sunday, 27 June 2010

Lily Loves...Earrings

Now that I had my new lovely purchases I was able to experiment with some other styles of jewellery and first up was earrings!

I intially wanted to wrap the wire around each head pin to finish it off nicely but this is alot harder than it looks! Plus it isnt kind to the fingers! After a few attempts I decided this was something that I needed to leave for the minute and continue to practise to I instead just created loops with the head pins.

I love butterflys so I think my favourites would have to be the butterfly earrings. I have lots and lots of these beads so I am going to have a good think about what piece I can create to really show them off!

Lily Loves...
x x x


  1. Gorgeous earrings :) I too find the fancy wrapping hard so still mainly just make a loop but I did try again on the donut charms...I will get it & so will you ;D x

  2. They are lovely! For the wrapped loops you need two pairs of pliers, the round nose and some flat nose (I use the end of my crimping pliers). Have a look on youtube for some guidance, I found that helped me loads.
    Kandi x

  3. Hey Kandi. I have got the flat nose and round nose plier and I have got a tutorial saved too and even then Im still struggling! I think its definately one of them things you need to practise though. I want to do a cluster bracelet so I just keep doing a few beads when i get my stuff out so I can practise the technique and get enough beads together to do the bracelet. I WILL master it hehe