Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Lily Loves... MSE Jewellery Challenge Week 3

Over on MSE we are having a jewellery challenge each week (as you may have noticed from my previous posts). The challenges theme is set by a member of the thread each week and they decide on who will choose the theme the week after also. Last week Yukkibear chose me to choose the challenges theme for week 3.

After having a little think about it I decided to choose the theme...

'We're all going on a summer holiday...'

This may seem like a strange theme to choose, but there is a reason! As a child I didnt go abroad till I was around 10 years old (quite old by todays standards!), instead we would holiday in caravan parks, often with my auntie, uncles, cousins, grandparents etc hiring vans too! I have lots of fond memories of these holidays and there is a video of me, my brother and my two cousins all sat on my Grandads carbonnet singing 'We're all going on a summer holiday...' and its often something that is recalled during family conversations. This little video had been in my head that day and I thought it would make a lovely theme, added to the fact that we are currently at the start of our British summer (hopefully one that will have more sun than rain!) and many people (although sadly not me) are counting down the days to their summer holiday abroad also!

So on to my entry into this weeks challenge...

As you can see I have made a bookmark for my entry, perfect for the days lying in the sun reading a book! I have used a mix of pink beads and added a pink flipflop charm to the end. I have to say I think it looks really cute! I am going to add it to my facebook store now.

Actually I am off on holiday to a caravan next week, so heres for some sun for my summer holiday, and you never know... I might recreate that video hahaha

Love Lily
x x x


  1. Gorgeous challange make :) x I'm going to try & get mine done tomo x

  2. Thank you. Oh I look forward to seeing it :D Im really enjoying the challenges.

  3. Oh that's adorable, love the flip flop!
    Kandi x